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Here you'll find the best expert advice related to garage doors, their various parts, and certain scenarios homeowners may find themselves facing.

After thoroughly cleaning them, some of the metal parts of your garage door will require proper lubrication. Consult your owner's manual to learn exactly which type you can use. Preferably one that's not sticky and will not attract dust and dirt. You'll only need to use a small amount. After your done, open and close your garage door a couple of times. This will ensure that the lubricant gets into every nook and cranny.
This type of solvent has natural active ingredients so it is safe for you to use on a frequent basis. It does an excellent job of removing rust and dirt in general. Our specialists recommend that you apply the solvent with care. There is no need to rub vigorously. Use a cloth to remove the dirt beforehand.
Use lemon juice or alcohol to rub the exterior and the battery compartment after removing the batteries. Make sure you clean the battery contacts, especially if they have traces of rust. If there is gunk stuck around a button, use a toothpick to remove it gently. This simple maintenance procedure can extend the life of your remote.
Start from the bottom up and watch out for rust and bending. In either case, repair is required as soon as possible because if the problem persists, it will inevitably get worse and you may be forced to get new tracks. Misalignment of the vertical and horizontal sections is a less serious issue, but it requires timely fixing also or the door may get suck.

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